Parts Of A River      By E.Holland

This is a picture of the andusky River Watershed Coalition.


A watershed is a area of high going down to a large body of water. A example of a watershed is the Mississippi river watershed.

this is a picture of The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.


A delta is a area where the river meats the ocean or sea, and where fresh water meet salt water.

This is the Largest Floodplain Restoration in Mississippi River Basin.


A floodplain is a relatively flat land adjacent to a river channel that is underwater when the rivers flood

this is a picture of the MISSOURI HEADWATERS


A  headwaters are a entrance to a upper reach of a stream. light is blocked by trees and plants to not grow that much around headwaters.

this is a picture of the great basin in Nevda

Great basin

A great basin is a water shed that does not go to a big body of water.

this is the source of the lison river


A source is were the water comes out of in a river.

this is the Grand Canyon down river


A downriver is between headwaters and flood-pools.

this is a tributary and it's name is Chester River


A tributary is a stream or river which flows into a main stream

this is a divide in seatlle


A divide is used to separate watersheds and rivers.

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