Google Updates for Teacher Appreciation Week

Google Slides Presentation Features

Next time you use Google Slides for a presentation, you will notice some new presentation features that are designed to help speakers connect with their audience and collect real-time feedback. With a simple link displayed on a Slides presentation, audience members can submit questions from their phones, laptops, and tablets—and vote on those they want answered the most.

How to turn it on: Open a Slides presentation and put it in presentation view. A blue box in the lower left corner will appear that says "Try the new Presenter View. Accept audience questions and view your speaker notes."

This encourages your students to ask questions that they might be too nervous to do otherwise. Others in the audience can see submitted questions. If they have the same question, they can vote with a thumbs up. The teacher can check the questions at any time, starting with the top voted questions. The two minute video below shows how it works.

Google Acquires Synergyse!

Synergyse is a Chrome extension that puts a virtual guide into Google Apps, training you to be productive and stay up to date with changes. Training tips and tutorials are built right into each of the Google Tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms). Synergyse helps users get the most out of their Google Apps experience.

The Synergyse extension is free. It's on the "approved" list for Walled Lake Google accounts. Get it here. Whenever you want some help as you are working on a Google file, just click on the Synergyse logo in the upper right corner. The first time you use it, you'll need to accept the user agreement. Enjoy!

Google Classroom: Schedule Posts

Teachers can plan ahead by scheduling announcements, assignments and questions to post at a later date. Just look for the scheduling option when posting new assignments, questions and announcements. You can find scheduled and draft posts in the “Saved posts” section of your class stream, and you’ll get email and mobile notifications when your scheduled posts go live.

Coming in the Fall!!

A parent/guardian notification system is coming to Google Classroom!  We know parents and guardians are instrumental to student success at school. Google will be launching email notifications for guardians so they can stay involved and help to motivate their students.

Guardians will be able to sign-up to receive daily or weekly email digests of their student’s progress, upcoming work and class announcements.

How can I help?

I am available to support WLCSD teachers as they use technology in their classrooms. Let me know by submitting the form below if you would like to work with me for 1:1 coaching, professional development sessions with small groups or staff meetings. I want to work with you! ~Pam