Comma Confusion

Rule 1: When seperating phrases that don't need to be there.

ex: My cat, Evan, likes to  explode randomly.

Rule 2: When linking two independent clauses with a conjunction.

Ex: I want to play minecraft with Evan, but first I have to do my homework.

Rule 3: When adressing someone in particular.

Ex: Let's eat, Bob.

Rule 4: When making a list

Ex: We need to buy dog food, cereal, and 10 bottles of coca-cola.

Rule 5: When you have more than 1 ajd modyfying a noun.

Ex: The funny, hilarious Bob.

Rule 6: After intoductory phrases or clauses.

Ex: Once i'm done with dinner, i will play 5 nights at Freddy's at 11:59 pm.

Rule 7: Dates

Ex: November 12, 2014.

Rule 8: The ending of a letter.

Ex: I'll be back home by 8:30. Sincerly, Dad.

Rule 9: Geographic locations.

Ex: Iceland, Canada

When to not use a comma:

Rule 1: When seperating two independent clauses without a conjunction.

Rule 2: After the conjunction.

Rule 3: And finally, when sepeating a dependent and independent clause with a conjunction.

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