Colosseum Opens Doors

By: Jordan Marcovitz

70 A.D. EAST OF THE ROMAN FORUM -  Emperor Vespasian has just commissioned the Colosseum as a gift to the Romans and for entertainment, but actually 60,000 Jewish slaves were the ones that took nine years of hard work to build the great Colosseum.

The entire Colosseum is made out of stone. Most citizens of other countries think the Colosseum is just an outdoor arena, but it really is not.

Outside of it is a giant statue of Helios, the Roman god of the sun. Even though the statue is Helios, the Romans have named the statue, not the god, Colossus, which gives the Colosseum it's name. Domitius Barrius, a citizen of  Naples that came all the way to see the Colosseum on the opening day, says, "This new amphitheater will be a boosting success, what a tourist attraction."

Inside all the entrances, hallways, and chairs/stands, is a big circular arena. Underneath are trapdoors and elevators which lead up to the arena. Gladiators will use these in their appearance on the stage so they can pop out onto the floor out of no where and leave the audience in shock.

The actual height of the Colosseum is 158 feet tall, 512 feet width and 620 feet in length.

First an Amphitheater Now an Arch

IN THE MIDST OF ROME, 82 A.D.- The Arch of Titus is finally fully built by Rome's very own Emperor Domitian in memory of his older brother Titus's death. The Arch of Titus was constructed finely out of marble and travertine, though in the picture above it looks like stone.

Titus, who died of a fever, was commemorated by his younger brother known as Emperor Domitian and built at the end of the Roman Forum.

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