The Story of Mr. Lice

This is the story of Mr. Lice . One day In the 1900s Mr. Lice was just going for a stroll through the battlefield of a vigorous fight. It was fought between the Germans and the French. Mr. Lice was stuck in the middle of the battlefield and had no where to run. Out of the corner of his little lice eye he noticed a trench! He jumped right into the trench and felt relieved. In the hole with Mr. lice was a soldier. The soldier seemed very nervous and had a scared expression on his face. Then the soldier took out his weapon. On it saying "Lee Enfield Rifle". The soldier began to fire and the booming of the rife Made Mr. Lice's ears ring. Once Mr. Lice recovered from the loud sounds of the weapon, he notice a family of other lice. There he Met Mrs. Lice and they ended up having 5 eggs a day. Together the Lice family ate the blood of the soldier leaving little read spots everywhere. The Lice family felt bad for the soldier but there was nothing he could do to stop them. Even when he would burn his clothes to kill them, the lice family was to strong. The soldier got trench fever but the Lice family didn't stop. Mr. Lice and his family lived happily ever after eating the soldier.

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