Going Back

If I Had A Time Machine I Would Go Back In Time And See My grandma . I Would Try To To Get Her Help Because I Would Already Know She Had Cancer. My Plan Would Be To Get Her Help And Also Help Her. Me Going Back In Time To See And Help Her That's The Only Thing That I Would Change. If I Knew That I Couldn't Return To The Future I Really Wouldn't Come Back I Would Stay With My Grandma And Never Return To The Future . I Wouldn't Worry If Me Helping Her Would Lead To Other Unintended Changes As Long As She's Okay. My Family Would Be Proud And The Family Would Be Complete. That's The Only Thing I Would Go Back In Time To Change And Nothing Would Change My Mind About It . I Miss My Grandma So Much And I Would Love To Spend A Whole Lot More Time With Her . I Would Get To Do a lot Of Things I Didn't Get To Do When She Was Around . Sometimes Going Back In Time Is A Bad Thing And Bad Things Happen . Me Going Back Would Change My Whole Life.

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