Brian Sullivan of Fairfield Energy - A Trustworthy Business Professional

Brian Sullivan of Fairfield Energy works hard to earn the trust of others, particularly those that count on him to seek out and obtain a solid and strong return on their investment. The President of Precision Global Corporation, a successful firm in the oil and gas industry, Sullivan continues to pursue the best results for his partners; to minimize the risk of each venture and to consistently come through on every project.

A professional in the oil and gas field since 2003, Brian Sullivan Fairfield Energy has always sought to be an individual of integrity, diligence and respect; someone others could always turn to and rely upon for pursuing the best results, and for making the situation right should something go wrong. Sullivan has sought to be a source of dependability to everyone he’s done business with, and to work in his partners best interests at every available opportunity, no matter how challenging to himself.

A devoted Christian and family man, Brian Sullivan of Fairfield Energy has accomplished much since entering the oil and gas field in 2004. As the entrepreneur and leader behind the success of Precision Global, Sullivan continues to set high expectations and goals for his firm, and to pursue their completion as diligently and vigilantly as possible. He has earned the trust, faith and confidence of his clients, and continues to take the approach of safety, care and continual oversight to best serve, and even exceed, their needs and expectations. He anticipates company self-sufficiency by the year 2019.