Honduras is located in the North Central part of Central America. The countries surrounding it are Guatemala to the west, El Salvador to the south and Nicaragua to the east. It is a beautiful country that even though has some problems it is amazing.

Basic Facts

8,598,563 people live in Honduras. The unit that money is used in is the Lempira. One Lempira equals .0047 US Dollars, which converts to about 21 Lempira to one US dollar. The national language in Honduras is Spanish. The capital city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa.

The Best Places to Visit in Honduras

Copan is one of the best places to visit in Honduras. It used to be an Mayan city for about 2,000 years but it was abandoned in the 10th century. At the peak of Copan it was home to over 20,000 Mayans. Copan has 2 amazing museums to show the real life behind the Mayans. Another place I would recommend would be Utila. It is one of the best diving spots in the world!! And there is other things like explore caves, ride horses, and more. And the last place I suggest you go is Roatan, it has amazing views of the caribbean sea and is great for snorkeling. There are also some places that include gardens and butterfly sanctuaries.

Common Sayings

  • sos torcido – you have bad luck
  • ¡que relajo! – what a mess!
  • ando con filo – I am hungry.

Climate and Geography

Honduras is a Subtropical climate in it's lowlands and coastal areas. But most of Honduras is mostly mountainous and it has temperate weather. Honduras is also prone to hurricanes and floods.

Popular Food and Drinks

A popular drink enjoyed by many Hondurans is called Horchata which is a sweet spicy drink made from milky rice. Anafres, a refried black bean and cheese fondue served in a clay pot accompanied by tortilla chips, is the favorite appetizer in the country. The main meal of the day for most Hondurans is at lunch and is often a ‘plato tipico’ of beef, refried beans, tortillas, sour cream, pickled cabbage, rice and fried plantain.

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