Wonder Character in the Spotlight:

Character's Tie to the Theme

Always try new things even if you are scared, because  in the end they might lead to something great. At the end of the book, it says that August thanks his mom for making him go to school, when he is walking home with his friends from their graduation ceremony. He made new friends through out the year, even with the way his face looked, people became his friend for who he was.

Character Influences

Summer impacted August the most, because  August didn't really have any other friends than Summer at the beginning of he book, Summer was August's only friend. Summer was a big influence to August because around Summer August really thought that he could open up to the rest of the world. August impacted Jack the most because August is a super smart kid who always does his homework, and is good at many things involving school. Jack is a smart kid, but he wasn't good at certain things, but August changed the way that jack looked at things. August made him look at things the way that he would look at things. Both of these relationships are important because they bring the plot and resolution to the story, to make it more interesting.

Art Representation

This painting is called Morning to the Seine 2. This painting reminds me of how August is lonely, but he will have a friend drop by and hang in the trees and leaves. But the friend always comes back again. For an example in the book August was really shut out at school, because of his face, but at the end of the book he saw that everyone really wanted to be his friend in the end, like in this photo it starts dark and then goes to light. That's how the book goes with August ,first he is shy then he is everyone's friend. This painting was By: Claude Oscar Monet

My Character Analysis

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