My dream destination- ANTARCTIC


Antarctic is located in South and it is a polar region. It is Earth's most southest continent. Antarctic is around the Earth's South Pole. This continent is a huge desert, because of the little rain.

Why is this my dream destination ?

Antarctic has got many different species of animals such as:





Antarctic's nature is very beautiful, quiet and awesome. It also has many blue lakes, what are very enjoyable to watch.

Interesting facts

Antarctic contains about 98% ice.

Antarctic is very cold, so only about 1100–4400 people live there throughout the year.

If Antarctic would melt, then all the oceans and seas would rise about 61 meters.

Antarctic's ice is about 70% of all the ice on Earth.

There are many volcanos on and around Antarctic.

People who live in Antarctic get sunburns easily.

My opinion

I hope that people don't destroy Antarctic and I would like to see the species of animals still living in 50 years. I also hope that I can visit Antarctic at least once per lifetime. :)


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