Matin Luther

Kaitlyn Riley 8B

Martin Luther was a German Monk and a priest. He was born November 10th 1483 and died February 18th 1546. He was born and died in Eisleben, Germany. He was married to Katharina von Bora, they had six kids, but two of them died. Their kids names were Hans (Johannes), Elisabeth who died from her mothers exposure to the black death, Magdalena who died at the age of 13 after a prolonged illness, Martin, Paul, and Margarethe.

He wrote the 95 theses, he also wrote a "study guide" to the Bible called "Luther's Large Catechism" he also wrote "Luther's Small Catechism" which was also a "study guide to the Bible" Martin Luther translated the Bible into the vernacular, instead of Latin, made it more accessible and had a tremendous impact on the church.

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