Kaitlyn Raines

3 aspects that made Mesopotamia more advanced

1) Mesopotamia's created the system of writing. They created this system to keep records of food, animals, medicine, and who came in or out of the village or valley. The system was called Cuneiform. They used it a lot they also used it to write letters and or sounds. They are very intelligent with how they communicated with each other.

2) Mesopotamian's also had religions. Religion was the first to be recorded. They made and decorated temples, pyramids, and tombs dedicated to many gods and rulers. Did you know that gods and rulers practiced ceremonial blood lettering s? That's really weird. They did that because it defined universal justice for all people. It's binding gods people as a symbol of separation and the coming of the savior.

3) Mesopotamian' geography was also an advanced part. They had about 300 miles long and 150 miles wide. The good thing about them is that they were located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers so they can go out and get water when their water supply is all gone or low. Their land is on the Fertile Crescent so they were easily effected by the major floods. Surrounded by bodies of water provided them with transportation, irrigation, and maximization of agriculture input. But they are open to invasion because their food is always outside their wall because they needed room for their people to stay safe inside their walls.