Audio Feedback in Google Docs

Using Kaizena

Recording Audio feedback via the Kaizena add-on is possible in several easy steps.

1. Open a Google Document and go to Add-ons tab.

2. In store, search for Kaizena, click plus sign to add.

3. Accept permissions, and go back to the Google Document > Add-ons > Kaizena for Google Docs > Open Kaizena for Google Docs.

4. Click the teal button to INSTALL Kaizena Recorder.

5. Make sure to ALLOW the extension. (This may appear as a pop-up depending on your browser).

6. The Kaizena logo now appears in the extension bar to the left of the address bar of your browser window.

7. That's it, you are done installing and ready to give feedback (audio, text, links) via Kaizena. When you do, Google Docs and Kaizena automatically creates and sends an email similar to that found below.

Enjoy providing and receiving feedback via Kaizena!

Tackk created by Margaret Resendez                                                                                   AISD Instructional Technology Specialist