German Shepherd training and Schutzhund

Dog sport

Dog obedience in general

There are many different ways to test a dog, such as agility, dog shows, running competitions, but I'm going to talk about Schutzhund.

What is Schutzhund ?

Schutzhund competitions contain three elements- tracking (jälg), obedience (kuulekus) and protection (kaitse).

Schutzhund tracking

Tracking is an element, where one person walks on an empty field, so his smell would be in the grass. The land will be untouched for 3-4 hours. After that the handler lets his dog on a 10-15 meter long lead and the dog has to smell the grass and walk the same path as the person in the beginning. A German Shepherd has and awesome nose so he has to track the path perfectly.

Schutzhund obedience

This second part of Schutzhund comprises exercises in heeling, downing, sitting, staying and retrieving over a jump. This can be hard for the dog, because in the competitions, judges bring out guns and shoot them in the air. The dog has to have full focus on the handler and has to ignore the gun shoots. Judges can bring out other things too, such as other dogs, unfamiliar people and even food.

Schutzhund protection

The last part of Schutzhund is the roughest. This is the one, where the dog has to attack a special person on command and release the person on command. Some dogs (for example mine) can't pass this test because of their weak nerves. This part is only for the dogs who are very brave, ready for action and on patrol.

Why did I choose this topic ?

This has a very simple explanation - I go dog training at least once a week with my German Shepherd Franz and I love it. Since I'm doing my big school project (loovtöö) with the same topic, I thought why not to find some good English words for this subject for my future. Who knows, maybe I want to be a dog breeder one day. :)

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