Kakapo - Strigops habroptila

Mr Noble and Coach Davis

     The kakapo is a green, flightless bird. It is the only kind of parrot that cannot fly. It lives on the forest floor on the islands of New Zealand. It used to live on the main islands, but only lives on 4 islands now. The kakapo eats leaves, stems, roots, fruit, nectar and seeds. It used to have very few predators, like giant eagles and other birds. Now it gets eaten by ferrets, cats, stoats, rats, and dogs.

     The kakapo is endangered because humans brought all of these other animals into the habitat, and the kakapo has no natural defenses. In fact, all it does when something tries to eat it is stand very still. Because of this, there are only 126 left. The IUCN classifies the Kakapo as critically endangered. The only reason there are any left is the massive conservation effort. After there were less than 30 left, they were all moved to 4 islands where anything that might eat them was killed. Now they are being carefully bread to try and build a stronger population.

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