Wonder Project by Kaleigh

   character tie to the theme

                The theme that impact via was loyalty because she had to learn to deal with her brother August being the spotlight to her parents. And she got over it also because she met Justin he took care of her. In the story when August was going threw a tough time.She also learn to stick up for August but now he is all grown up so she really does not have to stick up for him half of the time now.

   Character Influences

        The character that Via impact on was Justin. Justin impacted on Via the most. there relationship was so strong that in wonder they could tell each other anything when via was all alone Justin was bye her side and justin also did not have his family to take care of  him so Via took care of Justin they both took care of each other and stand together


            ART PRESTATION

     The artist was Francisco Gayo. I chose this painting because it had a lonely girl in it and also if you see the cage that is her parents and the birds are August. In the story her parents were always around August. The other things are the people that cover her in the story. That is Justin and use to be her grandma. Via's grandma in the story died 5 years ago when August was little. In the story Justin called Via a baby bird because she always got left behind from the other birds and Justin was the same thing as Via and always got left behind like her.Also the girl is Via she is out side cage instead of inside the cage.                                           

               that is it