Colonial Times
Diary of Kali Hall

Back in time!

I was in my house working with my mom and my sister.My dad and my brother were working out side in scorching summer breeze.My job was to make good cooked toast.My mom's job was to do laundry.My sister's job was to use the butter turner.My dad's job was to chop wood and my brothers job was to gather wood that my dad choped.My mom and dad let me and my sister to only work for one hour when it is the weekends and then we get to play with our dolls and other toys that we made with parts of corn.If we are really good then we get to clime our apple trees and pick the apples and jump of and land on our ginormas lime green Cotten balls.When it gets dark then we go inside and I get to sleep on our Cotten balls.Sometimes at night I here hogs and deers but they don't bother me at all.