Hydrofracking is a hot topic of discussion across the United States. There is a lot of controversy on the subject, but by reviewing the pros and cons I will try to clear things up. Many people have formed their own opinions on the subject, as have I, but things should soon be put into a better perspective due to my research.

what is hydrofracking, you ask?

hydrofracking refurs to hydrolic fracturing, which is a technigue in which large amounts of water combined with chemicals and sand, are pumped with high pressure into a drilled gas well.

Hydrofracking is an attempt for the United States to gain more energy independence from the rest of the world. It has many pros and cons.

some pros include:

  • It brings an efficient form of energy. without hydrofracking, it would be hard to access the energy recources that are now available.
  • It brings goodpying jobs and goodpaying land leasing contracts. the land contracts pay by the acre and the jobs pay by the hour.
  • the fules it produses are some of the cleanest fules and it is used in a majority of items used today. `
  • hydrofracking is actually used to revitalize wells that are known to provide drinking water.
  • it can help provide better roads.
  • the US has an abundant level of shale rock.
  • mostly sand and water are used for the prossess.

                                                    some cons include:

  • it causes earthquakes
  • it causes chemicals to be released into the air.
  • it causes traffic build ups.
  • approximately 40000 chemicals are used per fracturing.

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