By:Taylor snell

Capital of India is New Delhi. The population of India is 1,262,000,000 people. The type of government that has are constitutional,federal,and republic. The leader's of India are a president named Shri Pranab  Mukerjee. The vice-president is Mohammad Hamid Ansari. The least leader is a prime minister named Narendra Modi. The type of economy that India has is a mixed economy. The currency in India is a Indian Rupee. Currency compared to the dollar is a Indian Rupee is equal to 0.016 u.s dollars. The GDP per capita is 1,625 ( nominal: 13th;2014). India's GDP ranking in the world is 3rd in the world. The literacy rate is 74.04%. The life expectancy for male is 63.87 and for female is 66.91 in India. The official language of India is Hindi. The Taj Mahal is the epitome of the Mughal art and that is one of the most famous buildings in the world. At the Taj Mahal some people just go there to see the art that is on the building. Another tourist attraction is the city palace in udaipur . People go there to see the historic capital that is a former kingdom and so people go to the inside of the historical event is in 1897 on the 23rd of January Subas Chandra Bose is born ( to 1945) 1st finger print bureau of India east in Kolkata. Another one is that in 1948 on the 30th of January Mahatma Gandi assassinated by a right wing Hindu nationalist Nathuran Godse. Another historical event is that 2007 18th of February  68 passenger, must of them Pakistanis, are killed by bomb blast and blaze on a train traveling formNew Delhi to the Pakistan,city of Lahore. The least historical event is that in 2014 on 16th of May  Narendra Modi was elected as prime minister of India. One current event is India has the second largest population in the world. But now the India has been having problems like energy and infrastructure need and sexual violence. I think that India 's economy is successful because it is mixed and that is why I think that it is successful. They have big companies and stuff like that. So that is why I think there economy is successful. One of the biggest company is the google of India. They make stuff for Indians. They change the language for them so that they can read the websites in the language. What I that they can improve is that they should get more people for cleaning job to go and pick up all the garbage that is around in India. Maybe have more teachers to teach the kids.

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