Green Corn Ceremony by Kiley Cox and Courtney Dimperio

by the way, we still don't like tackk :)

Why were the creek and Cherokee celebrating?

The Creek and Cherokee celebrate the Green Corn Ceremony because it was a way to give thanks for new crops and honoring renewal of life for both tribes.

When was the ceremony held?

The ceremony is held in the late summer.

How did the creek and Cherokee celebrate?  

The Creek and Cherokee celebrate by retelling their tribes' history. The Creek tribe celebrates life,health,happiness,friendship,and kinship. The Cherokee tribe celebrates maintaining balance and harmony.

The top left and right picture shows the Cherokee tribe dancing at a Green Corn Ceremony. The middle picture shows corn they celebrated for. The bottom left and right pictures shows the Creek tribe dancing at a Green Corn Ceremony.

Kiley's Letter

Dear anyone willing to read this,

        I'm thankful for my parents teaching my responsibility and life lessons. I'm thankful that my parents work to provide a roof over my head, food on the table, and sometimes anything I really want. I'm thankful to have the best sister even though she can be mean. I'm thankful for the people who tell me to believe in my self. I'm thankful for my true friends that support me through thick and thin. I'm thankful for the ones who lied to me so I can see who the real friend are. I'm thankful to be on this earth with my friends and family.

               Sincerely, Kiley Cox

Courtney's Letter

Dear anyone willing to read this,

       I'm thankful for my alarm waking me up in the morning because it means I'm alive. I'm thankful for my parents getting onto me because it shows that people care about me and my safety. I'm thankful for all the "friends" that have back-stabbed me because it showed me who's there for me. I'm thankful for music because it's always there when no one else is. I'm thankful for a lot of school work because in some parts of the world, girls can't go to school. I'm thankful for when I don't know what to wear because some kids don't have a choice on what to wear. I'm thankful for food on the table since some people are starving around the world. I'm thankful for a roof over my head.        

                 Sincerely,Courtney Dimperio