Pocahontas Mock Trial Prevails:
Law, Justice, & Order: On To State

Pocahontas Mock Trial is once again advancing to state with the largest number of teams since 2007 with three teams leaving regional competition at Morningside College in Sioux City undefeated on Monday, March 2nd. The long rounds began at 12:15pm and again at 2:45pm. Team Order, a team of 10 Freshmen, competed in their first round of high school mock trial. The students argued long and with much gusto and defeated the teams they competed against allowing them to receive the chance to compete at state in the fourth and final bid. Team Justice, a Sophomore team made up of all girls, held their composure and did not get catty during their rounds. This set them apart from the rest as they defeated the teams they met and advanced to state taking the third bid. Team Law, a team of Juniors and Seniors who were varying in experience , began the day by defeating a team from Carroll and then easily defeating a team from Storm Lake St. Mary's. This team had students who were brand new to the program, students with 23 trials under their belts, or students that sat somewhere right in the middle. Credentials aside, these students fought hard and rolled with the punches in order to secure the 2nd place bid to the State Tournament. With smiles on their faces, the Pocahontas Mock Trial program left Morningside in good spirits. With 3 weeks and lots of work to do, the Pocahontas Mock Trialers will be competing in Des Moines at the Veteran's Memorial Center on March 24th and 25th. The Mockers are looking forward to another exciting season.