Exploration proposal

Written by: Kapil Iyer

I, Kapil Iyer, and my crew are to set sail to the Americas around the end of 1596. We come from Spain and Spain will be given most of the credit. The insuperable problem of this is that we would need much more money. This is where you, King Phillip II and Queen May I.

What will happen?

Starting the journey, we will leave Spain at point A(see map) and sail slightly south and west into the Atlantic coast and move only a little bit inland. Our three ships shall move along different, but similar paths, a ship shall move a bit north, then head south, another in a straight line, and the final moving more than enough south, then head a bit north. Although weather is a pain, we shall buy heavy-duty ships, and also because of the different routes, weather patterns will most likely not hit the majority of the ships and their people. To navigate there, we can use money to buy compasses and high quality maps. We are aware that other Europeans are going there to, such as the French, Spain, and England. The Europeans shall remain under a good relationship for possible trade routes, so we can bribe them to move off our land or propose what we want, as oppose to their needs. The natives have something else coming at 'em. We will ask them to join our exploration, or brutally kill them.

A is starting point, while B is destination.

Why should we give you money?

We will need funding for tools, ships, and other important needs for the crew. It is not only us who will be benefiting from this, but you shall too. You can get a split of 30/70 resources from the this journey, such as some gold, silver and lumber. Spain with the 70 split also will have the native Americans. You will become rich after funding us, as we know that this will be successful. My only interests are what Spain is interested in. So fund this amazing journey if you believe that both of us can profit. FOR GOLD, GOD, AND GLORY.

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