The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Jacob Jennings

March 24, 2015
Tough questions

Reading the first few pages of the book started to make me think of a tough question that had popped up, and the question is: How is someone born with water in your brain. As he was saying that, I started to wonder how that happened throughout the book as I was reading. When he was explaining how it happened i still could not believe it. Then I also do not get that he had to have surgery to remove the brain fluid when he was only a few months old. The surgery would have either killed him or gave him brain damage. Since he wasn't killed he got brain damage, it caused him to have seizures and a large head.

March 25, 2015
Contrast and Contradictions

As i am reading the book, I found out that Junior's parents would have been something different if they followed their dreams. If they followed their dreams then the dad would have been the fifth best sax player. His mom would have been a community collage teacher, but instead they are poor and have a small house. His dad ends up spending the extra money to get drunk instead of saving up for something else. His mom just lives on the reservation and doesn't do much at all. Does his parents care about him and his sister enough to raise them well? I would have to read more to find out if they do or not.

March 26, 2015
Words of the Wiser

The teacher asked him if he could sit down with him at his house. They started to talk about why he threw the book at him and broke his nose. Then the teacher told him that he was smart and that he has been fighting since he was born, but Junior thought that he hasn't been fighting. The teacher then told him that he was smart and that he had to leave the reservation to accomplish his dreams. Junior told Rowdy that he was going to Reardan and that he could come with him but instead Rowdy punched him in the face. During his first day of school at Reardan he already punched a kid in the face and didn't have to fight him, then he was clueless of what was going to happen tomorrow. Everyone started to show him some respect because he stood up to the big person of the school. Junior started to realize that he was a smart person and that he was good at basketball since he came to Reardan. After the school year was over he asked Rowdy if he wanted to come to school with him the next year. This time he didn't get punched in the face.

March 27, 2015
Again and Again

As I was reading the first half of the book, I realized that the author kept bringing up that he has brain damage and had to get surgery to remove the liquid in his brain. Rowdy has been protecting him since they were small kids. When they went to to powwow a small group of people started to call him names like, hydromatic, hydrocarbon, hydro-and-seek because he has a large brain due to the brain damage he got when he had the surgery to remove the excess brain fluid.

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