Karen Dilworth - Fan of Football

Football is more than just a sport for many people; it’s an identity that describes a fan. For Karen Dilworth, her identity is in the University of Michigan football. There is rarely a time when Dilworth misses a game. A devoted fan, Dilworth makes sure she sets the time aside to watch the game on television or in person if able to. Week in and week out, win or lose, the University of Michigan Wolverines football team has one of their biggest fans cheering for them.

Born and raised in Michigan, Karen Dilworth is an everlasting fan of the football team. No other team could steal her heart away, having fallen in love with the team as a young girl. Even when controversy has filled the University recently, but undeterred is Dilworth, who will be cheering like she did as a child for the Wolverines until she can cheer no more, shows her ongoing support along with other Michigan natives.

It's been over a century that the University of Michigan’s football program has rooted itself. In the earliest beginning of the sport itself has the University of Michigan in it. The storied legacy of the university’s program is rich in history. Ohio State and Notre Dame have both found themselves as rivals to the Wolverines, and as all of these teams collide for football glory, Dilworth remains unwavering for her team. The University of Michigan has gained respect and endurance as one of the strongest institutions the sport of football at the collegiate level has ever witnessed.

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