Karim Khayat

Diversified Corporate Leadership

Ridiculously Simple Creation + Sharing

Over the course of his career, entrepreneur Karim Khayat has developed a reputation for insight and innovation. He graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with a degree in business administration before joining Tahseen Khayat Group, a publishing company founded by his father in the late 1960s. Since that time, Karim Khayat has advanced to become CEO of the company, which has grown to include a variety of media, management, energy, and real estate interests.

Acknowledged as one of the leading corporate executives in Lebanon, Karim Khayat also stands out as the founder of Middle East Power, an organization he launched in 2010 to strengthen energy production across the region. Over the past three years, he has guided the installation of new wireless smart meters on buildings in central and southern Iraq. Also an acknowledged strategist in the hospitality industry, Mr. Khayat established and leads Phoenix Hospitality Management, a company that provides multifaceted operational and directional support. He balances his professional responsibilities with service as a board member for the Lebanese International University and for Garnet Publishing.

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