Karl Brensike - Remora Oil & Gas Partner

A Co-Founder and CEO of Haymaker Minerals and Royalties, LLC, Karl Brensike relocated from Maryland to attend school in Los Angeles, California. As an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California (USC), he majored in entrepreneurship. Karl Brensike joined the business honors program and became the president of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity while pursuing his bachelor of science.

Driven to develop his own business, Mr. Brensike teamed up with two classmates and a USC alumnus to launch netHESIVE, an artificial intelligence based search engine optimizer. He raised a $1.1 million venture capital round to start the business and managed a staff of 25 to develop the technology. The company was acquired by Orlando based, Channel Intelligence, Inc. in a private, all stock transaction in 2001. The investment was realized in 2013 when Google acquired Channel Intelligence for $125 million.

Today, Mr. Brensike spends his days leading Haymaker Minerals & Royalties, LLC. Haymaker is funded with a $200 million commitment from a prominent private equity firm, and invests in oil and gas minerals and royalties across the United States.