Karl Kandt

Sports Administrator—Karl Eric Kandt, M.Ed.

About Karl Kandt

Education manager Karl Eric Kandt, M.Ed., has extensive experience in sports administration. His current focus is on operating his ranch, Kandt Family Farming and Ranching, in Herington, Kansas. In addition, Karl Kandt has five years of military experience with the United States Army Reserve, and he was affiliated with the Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

In 1990, Kandt achieved a bachelor of fine arts in communications from Emporia State University in Kansas. He continued at the university and undertook the post-graduate counselor education and rehabilitation program with an emphasis in college student personnel. Kandt graduated in 1997 with a master of science.

In 2001, he began a four-year tenure at Wichita State University, both as a student of education and as an academic coordinator for student athletes. He was responsible for monitoring their academic progress and assisting with NCAA compliance and also served as a member of the Sport Administration Association. After earning a master of education, Karl Kandt began a seven-year tenure as assistant director of career and employment services at Kansas State University.

Becoming a Radio Broadcaster

Karl Kandt has worked in various roles as a radio announcer from 1990-2004. In 1996 Karl Eric Kandt earned a first place award from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, while broadcasting Emporia State University(Emporia,KS)men's basketball games.

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Scoring Rules in NCAA Volleyball

Between 2001 and 2003 Karl Eric Kandt served as a public address announcer for the Wichita State University’s women’s volleyball team. Karl Kandt also spent time working as a color analyst for the WSU women's basketball games.

In addition to mastering the fundamentals, beginning volleyball players must learn the basic scoring parameters of the sport in order to better understand the ebb and flow of a match. At the college level, volleyball is played under a rally score provision, meaning both teams can earn a point at any time, regardless of which side served to start the point. The first team to score 25 points wins a set, though the winning team must score at least a two-point advantage. At the end of each set, teams switch sides. If a match reaches two sets all, a fifth set is played to 15 points. In this case, teams switch sides after the first team reaches eight points. Each team is permitted two timeouts and 12 substitutions per set.

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