Karl F. von Reuter

Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Minnesota

About Karl F. von Reuter

At his own practice, Karl F. von Reuter helps those who have been injured on the job receive the compensation they deserve. Among his many responsibilities at the firm are counseling clients, making court appearances, and supervising his employees. He also stays active in the Minnesota legal community through the Minnesota Association for Justice, a legal organization that promotes justice for individuals. Karl F. von Reuter has a broad education spanning several fields, including law, philosophy, German language, and literature. He attended Rutgers University for an undergraduate degree in philosophy and German languages and literature, then returned to school at Hamline University to receive his law degree.

Having worked in East Germany through Rutgers University, Mr. von Reuter holds a strong interest in workers' rights and economic distribution. He is firmly committed to the examination of the free market and its relationship with the well-being of workers and their families, and in addition to his practical contributions to this cause as a representative of workers, contributes intellectually to philosophical and economic studies around this topic.

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