Piedmont Region of Georgia
Created by: Karsyn, Mia & Olivia

The Piedmont region is located in the middle of Georgia. It is the most populated region of Georgia. Many of Georgia's most important cities are located here, including Athens, Augusta, Macon, and the state's capital, Atlanta.

This is an overview of Augusta, Georgia on the Savannah River.

The geography of the Piedmont region is grassy and has rolling hills. The main agricultural industries are peaches, poultry, and cotton. In addition to that, granite is abundantly found in the region, so mining is profitable. Two of the biggest manufacturing industries in the Piedmont region are building airplanes and cars.

The geography consists of the Chattahoochee River, Savannah River and the tip of the fall line. Both of the rivers are very good for transportation, hydroelectric power and drinking water for citizens. The fall line divides Georgia's drinking water.

The Piedmont region has many fun attractions to go to while visiting. Some examples are Six Flags, Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain, The Coke Museum, Sky zone, Fox Theatre, Georgia Dome, Braves stadium, UGA campus, Georgia Tech campus, Atlanta zoo and many more.

This is everything in the Piedmont region, come visit soon!!

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