Kate Tansey

Leader in the Social Work Field

About Kate Tansey

Throughout her career, social worker Kate Tansey has served as an advocate for children and their families. An expert in the fields of social justice and social policy, she currently teaches graduate courses on these topics at the Saint Louis University School of Social Work. Possessing a high degree of academic knowledge of the field of social work, Kate Tansey has extensive first-hand experience in the area. Since obtaining her master’s degree in social work from Saint Louis University in 1998, she has held numerous leadership positions.

Ms. Tansey’s experience includes serving as the executive director of the Saint Louis County Children’s Service Fund. In this position, she managed a $1.3 million budget, developed a vision statement, conducted training sessions, and hired the start-up department’s core team. Previously, while serving as a campaign manager, Kate Tansey developed and executed the grassroots movement that helped make the Saint Louis County Children’s Service Fund possible.

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