Genghis Khan: A leader incapable of Kindness

Genghis Khan was a tyrant and a ruthless leader to both his subjects and his soldiers alike. He morally ruined his soldiers, training them from a young age to be as ruthless, unforgiving, and heartless as he himself was. This took away the young lives of the soldiers, not through death, but through systematic removal of their morals and hearts.
Genghis Khan was also terrible to anyone who crossed his path. He killed millions of people without a second thought, including innocent men, women, and children. He and his men raped and stole without question and only thought of control, never of lives or what was right.
His reign was one of terror and not of peace. He was cruel to his citizens and to citizens of other empires, as well as to his own soldiers. His terrible actions and ruthless leadership override any of the things he could have contributed to society. No life is worth the torture he put the world through, and millions of lives certainly weren't worth it.

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