Katherine Puffer

Experienced Financial Expert

About Katherine Puffer

A member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, Katherine Puffer owns and operates a CPA firm headquartered in Chicago. The firm has provided its litigation services to companies across several industries including electronics, retail, financial services, intellectual property, and agriculture. Katherine Puffer and her firm are regularly praised by satisfied clients. One client contends that Ms. Puffer’s reporting was “thorough and thoughtful. It was based on a solid investigation and understanding of the facts and applicable damage theories.” The client was impressed with her ability to produce a technically sound report that was also accessible to a non-technical audience.

A valued voice in her field, Katherine Puffer has been asked to deliver lectures and presentations before her peers by institutions such as the Commercial Law League of America and Samurai Executive Networking Group. Furthermore, she penned an article on working capital management published by the Kensington M&A Monitor.