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Educational Language Arts Apps for use in K-12 Settings

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In this module, I selected and explored 6 different IOS apps that can be used in any elementary classroom to develop personal mobile learning, reading and writing in Language Arts.

App 1: Story Wheel

Story Wheel is an educational game that improves a child's cognitive abilities. Story Wheel helps children develop an understanding of story composition and character building by strengthening imagination and oral language skills.

This app would be useful for elementary Language Arts, as it encourages students to create their own unique story with the characters of their choice. 1-4 players can create a story so it develops collaboration and communication skills with others.

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Watch this Story Wheel youtube tutorial that explains how Story Wheel works:

App 2: Starring You Books by StoryBots

Starring you Books by StoryBots makes story telling magical, as it makes the child the star of a beautifully illustrated and animated storybook that features their name and face. Once you download a book over a Wifi or data connection, reading is possible anywhere, anytime with the StoryBots, Starring You Books app. This app encourages reading for young children by making reading a fun and engaging experience.

To learn more about Starring you Books by StoryBots go to:


Watch this Starring You Books youtube tutorial that explains how Starring you Books works:

App 3: Reading Bear

Reading bear is an app that offers over 1200 vocabulary items to help students develop reading skills by teaching students about the different sounds and meanings words can have in an engaging and fun way. It teaches students about digraphs, 1-several syllables words so that students feel more comfortable when coming across new words in a book. By allowing the students to move through the content at their own pace, it provides teachers an idea of which reading level each of their students are at in Language Arts.

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Watch this Reading Bear youtube tutorial that explains how Reading Bear works:

App 4: iWriteWords

The iWriteWords app is ideal for students in Grades K-1 as it teaches children how to write the letters of the alphabet, numbers up to 20, and simple words using a dot-to-dot approach. This app teaches children to handwrite while playing a fun and entertaining game and develops reading and writing skills.

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To learn about the iWriteWords app, visit:


Watch this iWriteWords youtube tutorial/review that explains how iWriteWords works and what teachers/parents think of it:

App 5: Popplet lite

Popplet Lite is a productivity app that is used as a mind mapping tool. Teachers and students can use the app to begin structuring the writing process by using the app's provided graphic organizers and classroom visuals. Popplet lite can also be used to organize material according to text structures (list, sequence, compare-contrast, cause-effect), and to practice sentence combining and complex sentence creation by connecting individual "Popples." This app is designed for students in grades 3-12  to build story planning, organizing and writing skills.

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Watch this Popplet lite youtube tutorial that explains how Popplet lite works:

App 6: TeachMe: 1st Grade

The TeachMe: 1st Grade app is a third instalment of the TeachMe series, which focuses on developing writing, spelling, and math skills. With this app, children answer questions and solve problems using their own handwriting. The app then reads the answers using a writing recognition engine. If your child needs help, TeachMe: 1st Grade will show them how to write the correct answer including the proper stroke order. Parents can select which subjects display, set difficulty level, choose specific questions, and even review performance history for each subject to check how their child is doing.

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To learn more about the TeachMe: 1st Grade app, visit:


Watch this TeachMe: 1st Grade youtube tutorial that explains how TeachMe: 1st Grade works:

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My name is Katelin Diachuk and I am finishing my 5th year of the combined Education and Physical Education degree at the University of Alberta. I am majoring in elementary education. I hope this tack thats focus is on mobile apps for elementary Language Arts has been helpful for you!

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