To be or not to be is a film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and shot in 1942.

Before the invasion of the Poland by the Germany, the stars of a theatre company, Josef Tura and his wife Maria, are performing Hamlet in Warsaw.  One night, during the show, Maria meets an admirer of her and they start meeting each other every time Hamlet is on stage.  The admirer, Stanislav Sobinski, goes to her dressing room when Josef starts the soliloquy with the state "To be or not to be". Hitler conquers Poland and the young pilot Stanislav flies to England, where he meets Porf. Siletsky and finds out that he is not polish, but a german spy. Then Siletsky comes back to Poland and try to recruit Maria as a spy. After that there is a sequence of misunderstandings, wich goes on for the rest of the movie. These disagrementes culminate with the interpretation of Hitler by Josef Tura, who finally succedes in saving Sobinsky, Maria and the whole theatre company.

In this film, the tragedy of Hamlet is the backgroung of the storyline and it intertwins the circumstances, especially the soliloquy "To be or not to be" acted by Josef Tura becomes a signal, which is repeated during the whole film.

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