5 Mobile Apps

To use in a Social 10 Classroom

CBC News Launcher

This App can be found here: http://www.cbc.ca/mobile/android/ for an android phone. The app allows the user to access up-to-date news with audio, photos and video. You can also share stories on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and email. Social 10 students could use this app to connect to news stories that are happening in Canada and around the world.

NPR for ipad

This App connects users to all the material on NPR. Students can find award-winning stories and learn about all sorts of new things related to news, arts, music, or special interest.


https://videolicious.com/ Users can edit video projects with photos, moving video, and use fair license music. Social students can make their own presentations for any topic quickly and easily


You can find this app on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/mindblowing/id369070873?mt=8

It allows you to create mind maps on your device, and you can also include audio and video files. Students watching the news on their CBC or NPR app can save videos they like and brainstorm project ideas about current events.



This App allows you to poll everyone in the classroom on their devices and get immediate results. Students can voice their opinion anonymously and the polling can facilitate class discussions about any lecture topic.

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