Basically Kaylee. cx

This is pretty much everything you need to know about me. (:

1). I LOVE singing.

Singing is a passion of mine, at public school I won 3 awards from the Ohio Music Education Association and the adjudicator told me to continue singing because I have a beautiful, unique voice. I've also sang in 2 of my school's chorus concerts.

Singing at my chorus concert 3 years ago.

2). I don't really have many friends.

I have a lot of social anxiety so it's not easy for me to be able to talk to many people, which is why I turn to social media because it's very easy to just type something. I have 1 friend that lives in my town, and all my other friends live far away.

3). I'm an outcast.

I live in a small country town where everyone is pretty conservative and obsess over the latest country or pop songs. While I'm not afraid to be myself and express myself through makeup, clothing, and piercings. In this town everyone pretty much dresses and acts the same, then there's me.. I have a size 2 gauge in my left ear, I usually wear black or grey, I typically wear black lipstick, and I obsess over rock music. Which is also why it's hard for me to make friends here, luckily there's someone else like me.

4). I am 10 months clean.

I've worked VERY hard to stop self harming, and I almost didn't make it this far but thanks to music and some close friends I am 2 months away from being clean for 1 year. It's been very hard fighting the urges but I know it's not good for me and I was able to fight them because of music helping me. May 14th I will be 1 year clean from no cutting, scratching, or biting myself on purpose to harm myself. The scars are barely even visible anymore.

5). My animals.

Like I said, I live in a country town... so I live on a farm. We got rid of most of our animals, like our cows, bulls, pigs, horses, and dogs. But we still have 1 rabbit, 1 duck, 100 chickens, and 6 cats.

6). Family.

I live with my grandparents (on my step-dad's side) and I also live with 2 of my siblings, currently my uncle is staying with us, but only for a short period of time until his wound heals. (he had cancer and got his leg amputated.) I have 3 siblings (2 sisters and 1 brother) but my older sister, Tabitha, who is 18 lives with her boyfriend. My little sister's name is Jaylinn and she's 6, and my little brother's name is Phoenix and he's 9 (he weighs more than me & he's taller than me) My mom lives with my uncles and my step dad but, I don't talk to her anymore for personal reasons, and I talk to my step dad quite a bit. If you noticed, I never mentioned my biological father... that's because I'm not sure who he is, he's one of ten men.

7). Exercise.

I recently started exercising more. I do goblet squats, sumo squats, sit ups, push ups, wall sits, I run, and I ride my bike. I've been trying to become more comfortable with myself so I figured exercise would help.

*Some extra stuff.

I am 15 years young, I'm a freshman in an online school called ECOT, I am 4'7", yes I know I'm short. I live for music and music lives for me. I love my cat, his full name is: Oliver Mitchell Adam Raphael Carson Scott Neff (Oli for short.) The reason he has such a long name is because "Oliver & Scott" is for Oliver Scott Sykes and his music is part of the reason I've been so strong, "Mitchell Adam" is for Mitchell Adam Lucker from Suicide Silence. "Raphael" is my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, "Carson" was my great grandpa's name, and "Neff" is my last name.