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This is a picture of the Mesopotamia city.As you can see there was lots of  buildings close together.That is what there used to in the city of Mesopotamia.Most people in Mesopotamia are called seminarians.

3 aspects of Mesopotamia

Three aspects of Mesopotamia is they have excellent canals which are called irrigation.They are canals that produce water to the city.They also do allot of polytheism which is worship of many gods.  

Here is a map of Mesopotamia

Here is a map of Mesopotamia so look over it closely and you will see every thing you will need for some information.As you can see right beside of Mesopotamia Kristi witch is none as there capital.There enemies  are llama it doesn't really tell use why they are really enemies  for.If anyone can tell me please fell free to.

Here is another cool video for you to listen and learn will your jamming out to your rap.It might not be the every day music but if your board of trying to study the old fashioned way then you can click here and start learning in a rap song hope you like both of them.The first  video is the best ever.You will like it.

The main infrastructure of Mesopotamia

The main infrastructure of Mesopotamia is temple also none as Ziggrats. Another.Another none infrastructure is canals they were the suzerains favorite and the most use full to the whole city and others.They relied on the canals because they used it for bathing to use for drinking to use the bathroom and many many more.

The advantage of Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia refers to the place where humans first formed civilizations.It was here that people first gathered in large cities,learned to write,and created governments.For this reason Mesopotamia is often called the ''Cradle of civilization''.