Skip Trace Methods – Facts to Know About This Method of Tracing People

There are many situations in which local authorities as well as law enforcement and rescue units have to run traces on people who have gone missing. This happens when people take wrong decisions or get stuck in situations in which they are unable to come out of on their own. The situation worsens when they are rendered unable to reach any effective method of communication as well. This is the time when high end technology allows rescuers to locate their position and reach them in time to be able to save them from any impeding danger.

Sounds like one of those Crime and Investigation Television programs doesn’t it?

Well.. the method of skip tracing really does work a lot like what we see in fiction. Many a time people go missing because of bad debts, any kind of crime that they might have committed, mental illness or because of facing abuse at home. The skip trace method allows authorities to locate their present position. From private investigators to the police detectives, attorneys, journalist and even the debt collection companies make use of this system to get to their targets. Skip tracers locate the missing people in order to locate a possible witness, locate life insurance beneficiaries, lost friends or even a loved one.

The idea behind this technique is gathering as much information about a person as possible from a varied range of sources. Telephone directories, public records, motor vehicle records and property records, are all used to gather information about a missing individual. The internet has emerged to be a huge facilitator in this regard. A single look on a person’s social media profile can divulge tonnes of information about them – from their interests to frequent hangouts and even current location published via GPS. Skip tracers may also look into the credit reports like the information given on loan application or in credit card application, on a job application by the missing person & getting out the criminal history with the police. All these factors are considered to be identifiers which hep investigators in getting an idea of where a missing person might be located at a given point of time.

There are many other ways through which a skip tracer can get the information needed to predict the location of a particular person. Usually, city libraries maintain a Criss Cross Directory that stores a deluge of information about the residents of the area. It gives telephone numbers listed by the serial number, the addresses and even how long the person has been living at the given address, with information on the neighbor as well. This directory also offers business listings which may reveal data about the missing person’s line of work and sources from where they may be generating income. Many helpful clues can also be uncovered through this method of searching.

The internet has truly changed the way skip tracing works. And this technology has brought us on the brink of a new revolution. Visit the website Horizontech.comto know more.

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