S.S project
Josh Von Eschenbach

Nobles ~ who favored Japan's emperor to the Heian, wanted to win the emperor favor   By living close to him. Most of the nobles lived isolated from the citizens and had little to nothing to do with them. The nobles had such good treatment that they called themselves "cloud dwellers" nobles loved beauty, arts and fashion. 794-1185 was know as the Golden age of arts in japan.

Buddhism ~ Most of the Japanese practiced Buddhism. There were a few different types of Buddhism, there is the Zen and the Pure Land buddhism. The Pure Lands wanted wisdom and didn't have many ceremonies. While the Zen practiced self discipline to gain wisdom instead of doing good deeds and obeying.

The Preforming Arts ~ of Japan had lots of drama. Many of the people gathered to watch plays, music arts, acrobatics and liked to mimic people in the stands. In later years drama became more serious drama called (Nao) that had music, singing and dancing all in one play. In modern day there Is probably twice as much drama in public, tv and plays. There is a lots of shows to go to from acrobatics to dog shows to football games.

Japanese archicture ~ the nobles mostly took great care of their city look beautiful. The citizens admired and took pride in their city. Lots of the Japanese building were constructed after the Chinese buildings that were very tall and nature looking. The citizens didn't paint their house to make a more natural feel.the citizens also had tiled roofs and ofen roofs for air and natural feel.

Visual arts ~ the nobles loved visual arts with painting, calligraphy and architecture. Nobles liked the bright bold colors around their city. Many of the paintings painted were either from every day things or literature, example as painting from the book of thr Tale of Genji. Modern day the visual arts are very similar with amazing painting that people admire and great books that people love.

Literature ~ nobles loved their language and took pride in how they talked and having proper grammar. Writing was very popular amount nobles, while women wrote beautiful stories in Japanese that had a vivid array of vocabulary, compared to the men that mostly wrote in Chinese.  Some men would gather together and read their stories or poems to each other. One women named Lady Murasaki Shikiba who wrote the Tale of Genji.

Fashion  ~ Nobles loved fashion including gold, silk and many jewels.  They also loved to elaborate different colors into their clothing. They also carried beautiful fans that they made with designs of many different things.  Lots of modern day fashion is made of silk with a wide array of colors. Today people don't use fans, they use purses or use wallets to carry around.

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