Domain and kingdom
Cristopher Gonzalez & Daniel Tran
period 1

Domain and Kingdom Archaea

unicellular; prokaryotic; found in extreme

conditions; reproduce asexually; can be

autotrophs or heterotrophs

there only kingdom Archaea

they live in extreme environments

Domain and kingdom Bacteria

Domain Bacteria  has just one Kingdom It

incluedes all plants, fungi, and protist

so for that it is living thing its movement,


They reproduce asexually you get a new

individual is genetically the same as the


It has a cell membrane , cytoplasm ,

cell wall ,  Its also  Prokaryote.

Domain  Eukarya

includes all eukaryotes.

It includes plants,animals,fungi,

and protists. It is eukaryotic cells.

there classify the organisms into smaller

groups called kingdoms

there multicelllular and more complex

than prokaryotes. There heterotroph also.

Kingdom Protista

  • Protists are unicellular, Eukaryotic,

and organisms that primarily reproduce

sexual. There are heterotrophic.

Most are multicellular

Kingdom Fungi

Fungi are eukaryotic

heterotrophic , mulicellular

organisms.They can reproduce sexually

or asexually

Fungi are heterotrophic

Kingdom Plantae

Plants are autotrophics, eukaryotic, and

multicellular organisms. They can

reproduce sexually or asexually.

Kiongdom Animalia

Animals are eukaryotic heterotrophic

multicellular organisms. They reproduce


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