Home Front Takk

My names is Norman Rogers i'm from Indiana, i'm 22 years old and the year is 1863 the month is November 30th. I'm living with my family with kids. My dad is stationed away for war.

Although i am bored with my family we often have fun activities to play such as baseball, fishing, board games, and we toss ball. We often also provide food and clothes for the troops while there in war.

DAY 2 ... A couple days I have heard about the battle of Gettysburg... It looked like a very gruesome battle and heard it took a lot of lives.  I was wondering how you were doing and if you are okay... I hope you are fine and you come home soon.


On this day i am also bored with my family so we decide to take walks, eat, and exercise our muscles.  While we take naps we are getting away from donating but now we have started donating soap and body deodorant.

Day 4

Hi! I have missed you and the family a lot!  The battle of Gettysburg  was an intense battle but obviously i made! In that battle i have lost all of my friends basically all died but i am just glad i am alive so i can come home and see you and the kids! Another battle i was in was the battle of bull run.. I am so glad i made out of there we lost more men than ever there! I almost got shot but i am still kicking!


Although we made it through the war our president was assassinated. Our president was assassinated by a man named john wills booth . Although he was a huge star in the acting and stage business he wanted to kill Lincoln... Before they were not going to kill him they were just going to kidnap him.

         When they were planning on kidnapping Lincoln they were planned on  doing it to three others... When Lincoln was assassinated they were in a theater. The theater was called  Fords theater. Him and his family were there to see the play called "Our American Cousin."

          When Lincoln arrived he was late so they stopped the play to greet him. After Lincoln got settled in with his family the play began and they watched. While the play started Wilkes planned to kill him at the funniest part so no one would hear the shot. John opened the door and approached  Lincoln from behind. 4 inches away John pulled the trigger and went to jump out the wind of the presidents booth. He escaped and later got caught and killed.

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