Persuasive Essay  

  Good people in the world make a big difference. With good people in are life are life's will be much easier and more happier to some of us. Whit no good people in are life or at least one person are life will be so depressing to the people that aren't happy all the time. It would be so miserable and not good at all.

  In my opinion having good people is great what would we do without them. There is still bad people and look where they end up its either dead or in jail. With good people some bad people could change them and they wont continue doing with what they do.

  One of my examples for bad people is bulling. Bullies are now everywhere, and people as teens kill themselves for not doing nothing about it and just let them continue  on what there doing. Once you tell an adult about your problems with that one or more than one person now a days they do something about it and some get expelled and wont mess with you no more.

  That's why its better to have good people in are life because they may make you feel soo much better and have a positive additive. When you don't have that one good person in your life you will know how it feels with out them. So in my opinion it best to have a good person in you for at least a while.   

Letter of Recommendation

  I'm writing this letter for Diamar Salazar, she would like to attend your university at A & M Texas University.  She would be a great candidate and great team player for your soccer family. She will always have a positive additive towards everyone especially her team. She will never fight with no one also.

Diamar would be great at your school because, she will always have high grades and will never bring them down. She would do her best and turn in everything on time just to keep on playing. In middle school she go MVP player for soccer, she worked hard with her team and she will always be the one that will always have a smile if she is sad on the inside.

I hope you pick Diamar for your school, you will not regret it and will not be disappointed with her achievements. She will be the best girl in your team and the positive one.

                                                                                                                  Sincerely, Andrea Vasquez

Cover Letter

                                                               Vasquez Andrea Lizette

                                                                   12445 McDonalds

                                                                  El Paso, TX 79938

May 18, 2015

Jose Trevizo, Coach


1875 Pebble Hills

El Paso, TX 79938

Dear Jose Trevizo,

  I would like to work with coach Trevizo during football session. I picked him because his football skills could get me to the next lever of my experience. He would also show me plans or plays that I have never learn before.

  With his skills I can make another football team and make them good and give him all the credit for all that he showed me . With his skills I think my team could be even champions with all that he showed me and get t-shits and other new equipment for them .  


Andrea Vasquez


12345 McDonalds St.


My goal as a professional is to have a career as a nurse going to a DR. everyone would have.


(PK-2) Vista Del Sol

(3-4) Paso Del Norte

(5) Hambrik

(6) North loop Elementary

(7) Hillcrest Middle

(8) Hernando Middle.

(9) El Dorado 9th Grade Academy


Yes I have a job experience. My responsibilities where get there in time only 2 chances. Treat customers good. (April 22-Febuary 25) (The Law Maker)


No I haven't, but that's why I am going to college in order for them to help me and make me a professional  in my feature.