ISO 50001

What is ISO 50001?
ISO 50001 is a kind of international standard for energy management. It is predicted that finally ISO 50001 will take place of the current BS EN 16001. They have many similarities, but ISO 50001 works on a more robust framework and takes a slightly different approach, which allows you to manage your energy use and output while reducing your energy waste and consumption. ISO 50001 certification Singapore aims to help organizations to continually reduce energy use, which will directly lead to a reduction in energy costs and their carbon footprint as well. ISO estimates that the ISO 50001 standard could affect up to 60% of the world’s energy use. It has been designed for implementation by any organization regardless of size or location.

Benefits of ISO 50001
Reduce operational costs which will lead to increased profitability
The nature of ISO 50001 means that you will see savings in the long run, which will cover the initial cost you spent on the certification. By evaluating where you waste energy and helping to reduce your consumption, your energy bills will be reduced.

A demonstration of your commitment to the environment
ISO 50001 certification Singapore sends out a clear environmental message to your customers, stakeholders and employees that you are committed to reducing your environmental impact.

Reduce air emissions
The implementation of an energy management system will lower your energy consumption and therefore lower carbon emissions.

Mitigate effects of future legislation
Not only can ISO 50001 help you to fully comply with current environmental legislation, but will also help you to adapt to any future changes in carbon taxes and legislation.

Open opportunities for energy innovation
Nowadays, renewable energy technology is developing; use your energy management system to be at the forefront of the latest opportunities.

Protect against future energy hikes
We have already seen increases in energy prices, and with OFGEM warning consumers of another sharp hike in cost by 2015 this trend is only set to continue.