Sanitation / Hobart UW50 Pan Washer

Hobart UW50 Pan Washer
The UW50 Utensil/Pan Washer is a heavy-duty, automatic, front-loading utensil/pan washer that features a large split-door system. Capable of up to 19 racks per hour (two-minute cycle), the UW50 has enough capacity for 16 full-size sheet pans or a 140-quart mixing bowl. Designed for heavy loads, it has a full five-H.P. motor.

Three variable wash cycles (2, 4 or 6 minutes) ensure thorough cleaning and sanitizing by allowing you to match the cycle to the cleaning requirements of the load. Upper and lower revolving wash arms—with computer-designed, debossed, anti-clog nozzles—direct high-pressure wash flow to all soiled surfaces. Large, sloping, perforated stainless steel scrap screens direct food particles to a deep, stainless steel basket designed to remove food soil from the wash water. The rinse cycle achieves a final sanitizing 180°F.

The tank and hood are constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel. The frame, legs and adjustable feet are 14-gauge stainless steel. The door and door hinges are heavy-duty for long life and hard use. The scrap screen and bucket are also stainless steel.