Ecosystem Project

Welcome future Ecologist! You have an important task today.  You and your teammates will receive the name of a lost animal.  This animal needs to be returned to its habitat!  The problem is the habitat might not be safe.  You will need to complete research and find out the following before returning your animal.

  •    What is the climate like? (Average temperature and precipitation)
  •     What are some threats to your animal in its habitat? (Prey)
  •      Adaptations that help your animal to survive.
  •      How are humans affecting the ecosystem?

Things To Include:

A map of where your animal's home is located.

Photographs of plants and animals that live in that ecosystem.  

A video that describes the ecosystem either made by your found online.  

Rapid process changes that could occur in your ecosystem of study.  

Explain how the MAD Theory applies specifically to your animal.