Why Clamshell Packaging Is a Preferred Choice for Custom Food Packaging

There is absolutely no denying the fact that custom food packaging is now a huge industry and also an immensely important part of most modern businesses. In reality almost all the core packaging materials and supplies like chipboard boxes, plastic poly bags, POP displays and corrugated shippers are utilized by the industry for designing and manufacturing custom and stock packaging products like bottles, jars, containers, caps, lids printable labels etc. there are a number of reputed food packaging manufacturing companies who design and source many different food packaging accounts understanding the exact packaging requirements of their customers.

It is true that a gamut of packaging materials including plastic clamshell packaging are now used by the industry but at the time of packaging food products there are also a number of factors to be kept in mind. A plastic clamshell or any other type of packaging like blister packs must provide the food packed inside barrier protection against external contaminants like air, water or dust etc. and they must also have the structural integrity to provide product protection from shocks and vibrations at the time of shipping. The manufacturing material and design of packaging are no doubt the most essential factors but one must not also forget that graphic design on the packages is perhaps the single most important factor for product selling. That makes working with a creative graphic artist absolutely essential and one must also be able to take the advantage of various advanced printing technologies and printing finishes for attracting maximum number of end users.

For many years clam shell packaging is being extensively used for food packaging as the security they provide comes as an added insurance on the purchased product. A properly closed and sealed container is always helpful for ensuring ingenuity and also safety of the products. This type of packaging is also the phase when manufacturers start proportion controlling and use properly sized boxes, bottles, jars and other containers for more controlled packing out environment. As per the experts plastic clamshell packages may not be the best choice for all products but they certainly bring in a number of advantages for the food packaging industry, making clamshells the increasingly popular choice for a wide variety of products.

One major reason that has contributed to the popularity of clam shell packaging is that they give the viewers a clear window and thus create a perfect showcase for the packed products. Their one piece construction gives designers the options of making their products visible from all possible angles and as most of the times these containers are made of crystal clear PVC, they also maximize the shelf appeal of the products. Most importantly as clamshell containers generally come with a closing mechanism or thermoforming plastic mechanisms, they are also most cost effective than other packaging methods. Another distinct advantage that makes clamshells a preferred choice is that they waste very little space and can also be closed with a secondary seal. There are a number of websites online to contact for more information on plastic packaging manufacturers such as Southpack.com.

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