College and Career Final Project

University of Houston-Clear Lake

                                                    Period 4 By Amando Valdez

To start me out I will explain how many students are in the school right now which is 8,153 last time I checked. It is a public and has an "In State Tuition". The percentage of girls on the campus is 68% and the boys is 32%. You can get a Bachelor's or Master's degree. The major you can study here is chemistry, and lastly the mascot is Hunter the Hawk.


The job I want to have when I grow up is to be an architect so I can receive an average salary of $128,70. I can use this money to help my family and to have a great future.

I learned many new things like many careers and schools which may help me like many universities and colleges that I may go to if my college plan does not work. So thank you Ms.Clayton for letting the multi media class do this as a project as it taught me many new things for my future.

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