March Technology Resource Newsletter

Your Phone/Tablet wirelessly paired with your projector!

You've seen it in the movies.  For example, when Jennifer Garner in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day stands in front of the room with her Kindle in her hand and wirelessly presents her book to her colleagues.  No cords to trip over, no crazy setup.  We can do that too!  (For reference, you can watch that clip below)

Here is my phone, projecting to a interactive projector. All wirelessly. Learn how to do this here!

Dell Projector- How to get Started

Epson Projector- How to get Started

Apps that will get the job done!

Epson: IProjection-

For all platforms: Click here.
Epson's IProjection App allows you to show Pictures, Documents and Web Resources on any Epson wireless interactive projector in the building.  A few taps then address displayed on the screen, and you are all set!

MobiShow- For use with the Dells
For iPhone (note- not available for iPad)
For Android
MobiShow allows you to show your phone just as it is (picture and sound) directly on your interactive projector.  (See photo at top)

Mirror Op- Android only
For Android
Mirror Op:  Sends pictures, videos and web resources to your projector.  This is app is not necessary if you have IProjection for Epson

Reflector- iOS Devices Only
For Apple
This App is $12.99 but may be worth the cost with its recording features and password protection.  You can wirelessly stream your entire phone using your AirPlay features (just like you can to Apple TV or similar).  You can stream to any PC, Apple Computer or Android Device.

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