Journal of a hydrogen particle

about me

That's a picture of me. The name's Hydro. I'm a hydrogen particle. I live just outside of the atmosphere of planet Earth. What else... Umm... My atomic number is 1, I weigh 1 AMU (1 proton, 1 electron, 0 neutrons), and I'm the first element in the periodic table. You would think my life is too boring to handle, but it's fine. I'm good. By the way, this is a journal. Not a diary. Just to make it clear. Now to get on with my life.

Day 1: what a day!

So today I went to visit my cousin Roger. He lives in the Orion Nebula. Not that long a trip, if you take the skyway. I was over there and I see that Roger has changed. He's totally different. For starters, he was attached to another hydrogen particle and an oxygen particle. My uncle said he bonded into a water particle. Which makes sense, because "hydro gene" is our Greek name and it means "water forming". Wow. Why didn't I see that coming? To be honest, I'm a little jealous. He just floats around and everyone is so amazed. He only looks different, but now he's like a star. "He's a liquid. Ooh. So amazing." C'mon particles. He's also snub. He looks like the picture I drew below. Thanks a lot, Universal Laws of Chemistry.

Day 2: I don't like comets.

Today started with a bang. I don't mean a surprise, I mean an actual BANG. A HUGE explosion. Cool, right? WRONG! Hey, do you want to get blown up on your way to school? Trust me, it's not that fun. I wasn't hurt, but it was loud. Really loud. Like "I want the entire galaxy to hear me" loud. And it's all because of that comet. "That comet" is a comet who zooms past here every week and finds fun in blowing us gasses up. It's really annoying. But he can't blow water up, which is another reason I'm jealous of Roger. And now my teacher said that water is important to everything on Earth. They need Roger to survive. I feel like blowing up again. Not because of jealousy, it's because the comet is back. I'm taking cover.

Day 3: I don't care anymore.

I have a sister. Her name's Holly. She is the best particle ever! She told me Roger isn't special, and she said it in front of his class! Holly said that almost 75% of the Earth is made up of water, so he isn't special at all. Sometimes having an older sister is the best thing in the galaxy. Just the thing to embarrass your cousin.  

Day 4: it happened again

Today another bonding happened. I read about it in the Galactic Times News. Before they bonded, they were just a nitrogen particle and 3 hydrogen particles. Now their name is "ammonia". According to the school rumors, they are super popular right now. By the way, we started to learn about hydrogen in school. Which is fine by me, because my parents won't tell me anything about myself. I hope the teacher doesn't mention anything embarrassing.

day 5: Methane Madness

Today we went on a field trip to a farm on Earth. It was pretty fun, because it was windy and we felt like we were on a roller coaster. But then someone noticed that it was really smelly near the animals. At that moment. my teacher ruined my life. She said that the gas called methane made the stench, and that it was made of hydrogen. That means me. I now never want to go to school again. But my parents make me. I guess they like the idea of me being the laughing stock of the school. BTW, methane has 3 hydrogen particles and 1 carbon particle. I think the thing that gives it the nasty smell is the carbon. Hopefully.

day 8: a few facts

My teacher said in science class that I'm the most flammable element. I thought she was talking about my temper (like my mom does), but she meant it literaly. It does make sense, because every time that comet comes, I start to catch on fire. Even if he's farther away. She also said that I am colourless, tasteless, and odorless. That fact that I have no colour means I am invisible, which I just remembered. So that's why my mom forgot me at Nebuland. I'm feeling better that I have no scent, because the whole "methane" thing can be forgotten. I can finnaly show my face at school. The photo below I got from a friend:

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