Should kids have P.E every day?

Health experts say that kids should exercise at least 1 hour a day.People who agree say that kids spending more time for P.E could help kids stay fit and healthy.But not everyone thinks kids should spend more time in the gym.They also say that there are more important things to do like language arts,and math."Kids should exercise more on there own time" says school officials.

1. More exercise will make kids more healthier.

2.Most kids don't like to exercise, so this may motivate them more.

3.They may focus better in class not wanting to move around as much.

4.P.E could be a fun learning exercise for everyone.

I think that we should have P.E every day ,because it could be a fun learning experience.Also it would help you get more use to exercising more.And it would make everyone happy and healthy.

Credits:Tackk,Animoto,Schoolastic News,and Google images.

Exercising can be fun you just got to believe in your self

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